Sunday, November 4, 2012

Behind The Beats - Joel Chang

Name - Joel Chang

Where are you from? - I am from Kingston Jamaica

Define your sound - I grew up listening to people like the Isley Brothers, The Temptations and Al Green just to name a few. Naturally because of this I love R&B and would define my sound as a blend of R&B and whatever else I choose to put into the mix.

How would you say you got started? - I originally started my musical journey playing the guitar. One day I was caught singing by my guitar teacher and that's where it got all crazy.

Tell us how you got to this position today: - I have gotten to where I am by just doing hard work and not listening to the discouraging things that I have heard.

Who are your favorite producers/engineers and why?I love Dark Child who does a lot of music with one of my favourite artists Brandy. There is also Stargate and Timbaland who have done work with most of the top names in the business such as Neyo, Craig David (who is more famous everywhere else except America). Aliyah (R.I.P Baby girl), Chris Brown and Rihanna.

Define a "Good Studio" - A good studio is one that has internationally recognized standards when it comes to recording. Recording here in Jamaica you'll find a lot of people walking into and out of your session and that's really distracting.

what peices of gear do you have your eye on? - As a producer myself I have my eye on the Tera Pack from East West Quantum Leap. They have some of the best sounding VST's that I have ever heard !!!

Of your current Gear, What would you say is your "weapon of choice", that tool/software you always seem to reach for? - My weapon's of choice are FL Studio and Pro Tools. I will never get rid of those ever.

when youu are making a track do you envision a certain artist or type of artist for the song or do you just go off of instinct? - I do both ways. Sometimes I make tracks for myself as I do a little singing and sometimes I imagine having Neyo, Chris Brown, Tamia, Rihanna or whoever else pops up in my head.

What are you currently working on and what can we expect to see? - Right now I am working on a Jingle for the new airline called Fly Jamaica. Other than that I am working with 2 young and upcoming singers so you can expect to hear singles from both of them.

Where do you see yourself in 5 Years? - In 5 years I see myself still in the studio making beats and writing songs but the difference is I would be a household name with production credits from the biggest R&B artists in the world and few grammy's on my wall.

Is there anything you've learnt that has been career-changing? - Always copyright your work and don't expect people to help you. Most of what I have learnt I have learnt on my own even though there are a few people who have given me tips here and there.

where did the passion for music Form? - Ohh this is a tough question. I really don't know exactly where it came from. I guess its something that was always inside of me. Id say God put this passion inside me.

Tell us about one of the hardest challenges you had to face in the industry? - Getting that break. I still haven't seen the success that I want to see so im just going to keep working because hard work always pays off.

What would you say has been the high point of your career? - Ohh this one is easy. I won the grand prize for the John Lennon Song Writing competition in collaboration with my classmate Alina Aminova and her husband Ildar.

And where can others hear your work? - My work is all over the place but I pay attention to my youtube channel the most -

Anything Else before you go? - Yes I would like to say Big Up To RiddimWild for contacting me to do this interview. Also big up to my high school crew A.M.P, my Xfire crew, my F.I.U, UCC and UTECH crew, Parkview Supermarket, Better Bite Bakery and all the people who have supported me along the way especially my family and friends.

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