Thursday, September 20, 2012

Maverick's Top7 - Reggae Songs of all time

Reggae Music, to me, is particularly special because of one specific reason, It is Timeless. When you go to a hiphop party, or an EDM party, you can expect to hear new music, unreleased music, underground ground music but as for the age of the music, they try to keep it safe.

It's not anyone's fault though, the DJs are 25 the crowd is 19... it can only stretch so far... My point is though, Reggae and Dancehall breaks that all together. With Reggae, it doesn't matter whether you're 5 or 45, certain songs stand strong, and you feel like it's new, every time you hear it, it's new...

Enough Chatter, here is my list... IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER, of the TOP 7 REGGAE SONGS EVER.

1 - Dawn Penn - No No No
It's been sampled a million times and sang over even more times. After achieving such greatness Dawn Penn cooled out and started collecting some royalties

2 - Jimmy Cliff - The Harder they Come

a hit song of resistance and resilience that had a hit movie to support it. Mr. "I Can See Clearly now" is no one hit wonder, whose many accolades include bringing the Queen of England to tears singing "Many Rivers to Cross"

3 - The Techniques - Queen Majesty

Speaking of the Queen of England. The Techniques sang this hit dedicated to said Queen of England. Sampled a million times as well, this song is surprisingly is originally sang by The Impressions, who, then, consisted of Jerry Butler, Sam Gooden and Curtis Mayfield (fancy that?)

4 - Bitty Mclean - Walk Away from love

ITS NOT THAT I DONT LOVE YOOOOOOU!!!!! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> CHUUUUUNE!!!!!!!
This song, Originally sang by David Ruffin in 1975, solidifies Bitty Mclean in the Dancehall for ever and ever. Its an amazing cover of an amazing song

5 - Beres Hammond -  Tempted to touch

One of the few reggae acts that can, by himself, fill Madison Square Gardens. there's not much to say about Mr Hammond, a smokey voiced man that looks like your bachelor, ladies man uncle, that sings about mostly about love, romance and the realities in between.

6 - Gregory Isaacs - Night Nurse

The Cool Ruler, argued to have been the first to have his music coined as "Dancehall Music", groooves this one with the help of the Roots Radics band. If you haven't heard this one, I, personally don't believe you listen to reggae music whatsoever.

7 - Ken Booth - Moving Away

The Fellow has to be one of the best spoken singers ever. He has a knack for pronunciation and it's rumored that he had the same level of strictness with his band to ensure that EVERY was ON POINT


Why I didn't mention Bob Marley

here's the Problem... when you say Bob Marley in a list you have to pick one song... and you know what?... i'd love to hear you pick YOUR Favourite Bob Marley song....... NOT SO EASY IS IT?!?!?
Are these some of your favorites? what reggae songs are timeless to you?

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