Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Beyond The Decks - DJ Mario (Interview + Mixtape)

RiddimWILD Kicks off the Interviews with a Young DJ from Portmore Jamaica who is ripping up the Party Scene, not to mention the Airways on SunCity Radio 104.9 FM.

DJ Mario is on the incline, poised to be a household name on the DJ scene, with mixtapes, remixes and more!

RiddimWILD: Where are you from?

DJMARIO: Portmore, Jamaica

Who are your biggest influences?
-DJ Calico (Darkcide Int) , Creep (Chromatic) , Arif Cooper, Delano (Renaissance) and ZJ Chrome

How would you say you got started? Tell us how you got to this position today:
-I got started at school (Wolmers) when a friend introduced me to a program called (Virtual DJ). I downloaded the program and practiced day and night, lost a lot of sleep 'cause of it too, But in the end it paid off.

What kind of gear are you using?
-Serato, Pioneers 850’s, 800’s and 1000’s

What pieces of gear do you have your eye on?
-I’m a pioneer man so anything Pioneer releases, I am going to be interested somewhat.

Of your current Gear, What would you say is your "weapon of choice", that tool/software you always seem to reach for?
-Serato and the Pioneer 850’s

What are you currently working on and what can we expect to see?
-I’m currently working on couple mixtapes so you can get to listen those soon

Where do you see yourself in 5 Years?
-as a well established DJ

So being an upcoming DJ, What advice do you have for others like yourself?-If u really love music don’t stop working hard, and when u get that once big chance to showcase ur talent go hard.... go really hard!!!

Where did the passion for music come from?
-You know to be honest, I don't know... I just remember me when I was younger… I could sing every song on TV and radio from start to finish.. I could sing out a dancehall mixtape from start to finish.

What do you Enjoy about Being on SunCity Radio? is it Fun to be a SunJock?-Not just a SunJock but a radio personality.. that fact that im known everywhere and ppl tell me they love me on the radio and i'm doing a good job.. it makes me feel good

Tell us about one of the hardest challenges you had to face in the industry?
-As a Upcoming DJ hardest challenges are not getting a chance to showcase ur talent to people because most promoter don’t book young DJs

And where can others hear your work?
- I released a smartphone mix recently. >>> CLICK HERE TO LISTEN & DOWNLOAD

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  1. i can really say he's working real hard and he has a large rang of fan, especially the Collage of agricultural science and primary education.....we love him he and cant wait to see him reach to top.... LOVE U MARIO